February 3, 2010 – Week 1
the beginning of the beginning..

Today, the leadership bonuses were assigned to Tom Sunaryo and Tran Nguyen because we decided as a group to combine their game concept ideas to one complete game. At this point we had a bunch of ideas we wanted to add to the game, it was one big brainstorming session. Nothing was concrete yet obviously, but we were all excited to start molding this concept into a masterpiece!

February 10, 2010 – Week 2
Snow Day!

We decided to take the week off and come back next week with more ideas and concepts that we could possibly add to the game.


February 17, 2010 – Week 3
Rutgers Life!

We all collaborated together and finally game up with the final layout and blueprint of the game and most importantly the title, Rutgers Life! We decided to build the game around our lives here at Rutgers University because as Rutgers students we feel that the experience we all share here is unique and much different from other colleges. With the same game concept as before, we added elements, social aspects, and every day events and activities that take place within our daily lives. Many Rutgers students can concur with what we are about to share in our board game.


February 24, 2010 – Week 4
Game Board!

Today we finalized the game board and game cards. The game board is a 7x7 grid board and the game cards consist of Procrastination Cards and Event Cards.


March 3, 2010 – Week 5

Today, after class we decided to get all the necessary material that we needed in completing the project. We got things such as the game board, glue sticks, die for the game, and a box to put everything in. We also printed out the game cards, box cover, and the game board. Now is where everything is beginning to come together and finally looking like a board game!



March 6, 2010 – Week 6
Finishing Touches

Today is the day before the final project is due. We’re all rushing to get the finishing touches done and complete. We tested out the game and everything seems ready to go!