Game Objective:
- Earn the most morality to win the game through Event cards, procrastinating games, and making it to the weekend!
- Each player choose their college change game piece(quarter, dime, nickel, penny).
- Choose how many turns you are going to play between 10 and 20 and keep track of each turn.
- Roll 12 sided die to see who goes first (highest number starts continuing clockwise from him or her).
- Each turn players roll 12 sided die in order, drawing an event card when landing on an event card space.
- At the end of every round you draw 1 procrastinating mini-game card to play.
- When all the turns are over the person with the most morality wins.

Game Story: You are a Rutgers Student going through the struggles and perks of every day college life. You roll the 12 sided die in hopes of high numbers to speed up the week and make it to the weekend.

Procrastinating Mini Games:
- Rock, Paper, Scissors 
- Arm Wrestling
- 5x5 Dots
- Connect 4 (on paper)
- Thumb war
- War Card game (best out of 3)
- Movie/Actor Game ( One person names a popular actor and the next person names a movie they are in, then the next person names another actor in that movie, and then the next person names a movie the new actor is in until someone is stumped)
- Paper Football (take turns, first to make 2 field goals, players get a chance to tie if they did not receive the same amount of turns as the winner)

*All 2 person games will be played in a tournament style where the person in first place (with the most morality) chooses their opponent and the winners of both face-offs will face each other. If there is no one in first place at the time then the person rolling first will choose.

Event Cards:
- The event cards consist of random events that you will encounter during your days at Rutgers University. Depending on what happens you can lose/gain morality, lose a turn, or advance/go back spaces.

Scoring System:
- A player will receive 10 morality when passing the weekend and 15 morality if you land on week end. Then the player will start over at the beginning.
- After each mini game the winner will receive 5 morality.